Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A New Running Club for WNC Youth!

There have been running clubs and groups for adults for years in WNC, but there has not been a club outside of schools aimed at youth until now. Check it out!

There is a cool new club for young runners in grades 3-8, the Distance Demons. Coach Jay Harris is new to the Asheville area but we have seen him at a couple of road races already. The club is for kids from around the WNC area who are into distance running and may even show some special talent. Harris is quick to point out that it is for all sorts of kids who are “just willing to do their best.” He also explained that there is nothing mandatory or “commitment heavy” about the club. Apparently there has been lots of interest from running organizations and stores. “The timing seems to be good (no pun intended), everyone likes the idea, so here we go!” We hope to see lots of Distance Demons crossing finish lines with smiles and running some PR’s on our watch!  

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