Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Weekend of Races!

After a week off we have two events this weekend.
The Parsec Prize 5k in Downtown Asheville and The legs for life 5k in Burlington.  Legs for life is typically won by a professional runner that is training in the Triangle who slides over to Burlington for the prize money.  It's always impressive to see somebody lay down a 14 something on basically no effort.  We have also seen a low 17 out of a woman there as well.
Parsec Prize is a first year event that finishes on beautiful Wall Street in Downtown Asheville.

On a personal note... Yours truly (Doug) bought a heart rate monitor and went for a run. Who knows, maybe I will get back in shape.  I have said this many times since 2006 and it has never happened. :-)
But a rolling hills 3.2 miles with a heart rate of 137 used to take me about 24 minutes.  Today, 37:44 with the monitor constantly barking at me to slow down. Got a ways to go, about 30 pounds of Fat is most of that  "way" I think.

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